Open Weekdays from 7am to 4:30pm and Saturdays 7am to Noon

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Don't trash those old wheels!

Extruded aluminum, irony aluminum, wire, and more...its all money at Bee Green!

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Go Green, Get Green!

3609 Nine Mile Road
Near the 64 & Nine Mile Exit
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Bee Green Recycling

Copper - Bare Bright, #1, #2, Sheet, Insulated Wire, Coils

Aluminum - Cans, Siding, Extruded, Coils, Wire, Castings, Wheels
Iron / Steel / Brass - Castings, Rebar, Unprepared, Prepared, Structural, Light
We buy all types of scrap metal...Radiators, Transmissions, Catalytic Converters, and more!

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Call us to get the best scrap metal prices!

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Just Follow The Signs....

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Cans=Cash at Bee Green!
We buy extruded aluminum, irony aluminum, scrap, wire, siding and cans!


Bee Green Recycling: Richmond's Only Fully Enclosed Scrap Metal Recycling Facility!
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Scrap Metal Recycling in Richmond