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At Bee Green Recycling, we make it easy. Our state-of-the-art drive through facility is open year-round. Simply pull in, unload, and get paid.

People often have questions about the items that we accept, how we pay you, and more. You’re always welcome to send us a message on Facebook, click on the Contact Link above, or call us at 804-912-2498. Before you do, see the answers to some of the most frequent customer questions below.


Frequently Asked Questions About Scrap Metal:

Q: How does it work?

A: When you pull into our enclosed facility, we’ll guide your vehicle into a scale. We weigh it with the scrap, and then direct you to a sorting area. Our team will help you sort your scrap metal so that we can give you the best price for the right metals. For larger loads, we may use our magnet crane or claw. We then re-weigh your vehicle and provide you with a receipt. In most cases, you can scan your receipt at our ATM as you exit and leave with cash. Certain situations may call for us to issue you a check

Q: What types of scrap metal will you purchase?

A: If it’s metal, we probably want it. A good rule of thumb is to give it a magnet test. If the magnet sticks, it’s metal we buy. A quick glance at our Scrap Metal We Buy page will give you a better idea.

Q: Are there types of scrap metal that you won’t buy?

A: We’re proud to honor all Environmental Protection Agency standards, and won’t buy items containing liquids, chemicals, gases, or hazardous materials. This includes items like lead or metals that are radioactive (you would be surprised). While we accept almost all metal car parts, we won’t pay you for a complete vehicle. If you have specific questions, simply call 804-912-2498.

Q: How do you determine what to pay me?

A: Like any commodity, the market for scrap metal fluctuates, often daily. We update our prices with the market, so what we offer is as current as possible. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about the going rates on a given day.

Q: How do you know that my scrap metal isn’t stolen?

A: We know that there’s a market for things like copper and catalytic converters, and some folks will use illegal means to cash in on that. When you check in, we’ll record your ID and license plate number. We work with local law enforcement also. They let us know when there has been a theft and we let them know when we get unusual items. So don’t even try it.

Q: What are your hours?

A: We’re open Monday through Friday from 7AM until 4:40PM, and every Saturday from 7AM until Noon. While we may close for a few holidays, we’re fully enclosed, so will never close because of the weather.


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