It can get pretty noisy around here some days. Whenever we have a client who is cleaning up a construction site, we fire up the magnet crane and suck up the scrap metal from the back of their truck. When someone renovates an apartment complex, we start shoving broken water heaters across the loading dock. Sometimes it’s simply the volume of scrap metal that makes it seem chaotic.

But not everyone is bringing in such tremendous loads.

One of our “regulars” visits us about every two weeks. He comes in with several heavy-duty 60-gallon can liners stuffed with aluminum cans. We once remarked to him that he seemed to spend a lot of time gathering these cans.

“I look at each can like a dollar bill. I just have to bend over and pick it up, and then you pay me for it,” he told us.

This brings to mind a familiar sentiment we hear from residential customers: “I just don’t have enough scrap metal to make it worth the effort.”

Granted, jumping in the car every time you see a can isn’t worth the gas money to get here. But your house is filled with junk scrap metal that we can convert to cash, making it well worth your time.

So, where to find it?

We’ve reached the season where many of us are spending time on yardwork. What do you see when you look around your shed or garage? If you have old or broken shovels and rakes tossed in the corners, those are usually a heavy or carbon steel. That’s worth cash money. When you discovered in the Spring that you needed a new lawn mower, what did you do with the old one? It’s loaded with metal, from the blade to the deck to the engine. The handle and many of the cosmetic parts are probably a high-grade aluminum. We’ll pay you for that.

Did you spend your pandemic renovating a bathroom or kitchen? Pipes, faucets, kitchen sinks and more can all be brought in for cash.

And don’t get us started on appliances. Ovens, microwaves, hot water heaters, and washing machines are all worthy pieces of scrap metal. If you can stick a refrigerator magnet to it, we want it.

As we’ve grown more accustomed to “Netflix and Chill,” many of us have upgraded our computer systems to improve our streaming access. Computer towers, power supplies and specialty wiring are great sources of scrap metal.

If you’re like a lot of folks, you bought Dad a new grill for Father’s Day. We want the old one.

Many people assume that you need a big flatbed or box truck full of scrap metal to visit our facility. We’re a drive-through, and will help you unload and sort whatever you have, making it simple to turn your scrap into cash. You can clean out your garage, load up your trunk, do a little bit for the environment, and make a few bucks.

Look around for the dollar bills scattered throughout your home.