When you visit our website, you can find out a great deal about Bee Green Recycling. It’s really pretty simple. Our business model is to give you money for your scrap metal.

That’s it.

As you go through the site, you can learn about the many types of scrap metal that we’ll accept. You can learn about how we weigh your scrap metal to make certain to give you the best price for what you have. You can learn that there are some items that we don’t really want. You can discover that we’re the only enclosed scrap metal recycling facility in the MidAtlantic, and that we use state-of-the-art tools to give you a fair deal.

One thing that we don’t tell you on this website, however, is how much money we’ll give you for what sort of metal.

Why is that?

The going rate for scrap metal fluctuates – sometimes by the hour. It’s driven by a number of factors, but is mostly a matter of supply and demand. If people want or need what you have, they’ll pay more for it.

If, for example, everyone everywhere is building houses and apartment buildings, all of those builders and developers will need copper for plumbing and wiring. If a huge auto manufacturer like Ford announces plans to open a bunch of new plants, there will be a demand for steel and aluminum to build their cars and trucks.

The second factor that impacts pricing is the availability of something called “virgin metal”. While many metals can be almost 100% recycled (meaning a pound of scrap aluminum yields a pound of new aluminum), everything degrades a bit when you recycle it. It’s sort of like that old VHS copy of you favorite movie. It looked great in the theater, but your copy of it is a copy from a friend who copied it from his roommate who bought the actual videotape. Yours won’t look as good as that original theater version.

Recycling a truckIf mineral extraction and metal mines are chugging along, there is a steady supply of fresh, virgin metal. This will lower the demand for recycled materials, and drive down the price. If it becomes more difficult to find the virgin metal that a manufacturer needs, your scrap metal becomes more valuable.

The amount that we can give you for your scrap metal also fluctuates with the quality of your scrap.

Let’s say you have a Nissan Titan. It’s about 5 years old, and you want a new truck. You only drove it when you had to, you never used it for heavy-duty towing, and were meticulous about things like oil changes and tire rotations. It got regular baths, and it fit in your garage.

Depending on the features, you can likely get around $34,000 for your truck.

If, however, you drove it every day and used it for vacations, the excess mileage will lower the trade-in value. If you used it to tow a massive trailer, the wear on the engine will lower the value. If you pull into the dealership belching smoke and rolling on two bald tires, it will lower the value.

If you’re renovating a data center and have miles and miles of copper wiring that has been protected in the walls for a decade, we can likely offer you a good price for your scrap. If your metal has been exposed to the elements and has rusted and corroded or if we have to spend a day stripping insulation from things, your scrap metal is probably a lower quality and you’ll get a lower price.

Make no mistake – whatever the market or the quality of your scrap metal, we’ll make certain to offer you the best price for it. You’re always welcome to give us a call to find out the latest prices. We’ll also make it easy to turn your scrap metal into cash. Just drive through, get weighed, and get paid.

That market principle never changes.