We’re starting to see some warmer days around Central Virginia, and we’re getting closer to Earth Day (April 22nd). That means we’re hitting the time of year when folks get outdoors to clean their porches, prepare their gardens, and air out their homes.

Why aren’t more of them gathering up their scrap metal?

Spring is a great time to gather some scrap metal for recycling. The money you make can go into flowerpots, garden tools, and more!

Speaking of garden tools – aren’t you tired of looking at that rusty shovel? All of those old tools are likely full of valuable metal like steel and cast iron. Are you thinking of buying new patio furniture instead of trying to clean up the old stuff? Bring us those aluminum chairs, swings, and tables! If you’re preparing your landscaping, those garden edgers and hanging baskets could bring a few dollars as well.

As you’re cleaning your shed and garage, give that old lawnmower a pull. Is it sputtering and suggesting it’s time for a new one? Bring us the old one. We’ll take your old-fashioned rotary mower, push mower, and even your lawn tractor. Kids no longer riding those bicycles? We’ll pay top dollar for those aluminum frames!

And it isn’t just the outdoor stuff that could bring you some scrap metal recycling dollars. Use your spring cleaning to tackle your kitchen. If you can’t figure out why you bought that metal gadget, bring it to us. Pots and pans, knives, ugly forks and spoons – those are all valuable scrap metal, especially if it’s stainless steel!

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity for a fresh start and a bit of de-cluttering. If it’s laying around and has lost its usefulness, get rid of it. If it’s metal, bring it to us and we’ll trade it for cash.